What areas of real estate can MILES MALCOLM REAL ESTATE and BENCHMARK STRATA assist me with?

MILES MALCOLM REAL ESTATE and BENCHMARK STRATA are a team of qualified professionals, able to assist you with all facets of real estate. Whether you are selling, renting, buying or looking for strata managers we are fully equipped to assist in any transaction concerning your asset.

We have a team of sales, property management & strata professionals with over 70 years experience between us, all under the one roof!

How can I pay my strata levies?

BENCHMARK STRATA offer a number of options when it comes to paying strata levies. We accept cheques, money orders and cash

PLEASE NOTE; WE ask that you tender the correct amount when paying by cash, as we do not keep cash on the premises.

We also have an EFT option available and can provide you with your strata company’s individual bank account details

How do I know what is covered under strata and what is not?

The Strata Titles Act 1985 as amended covers a diverse range of rules and regulations. We certainly do not expect owners to remember them all; that’s what we’re here for!

We encourage owners to contact our office with any matter regarding their property that they may be unsure about or require assistance. Our staff has a firm grasp of the Strata Titles Act, and it certainly helps that we keep copies of your Strata Plan at hand to assist with those ‘tricky’ queries.

How much will it cost me for a market or a property management appraisal?

Not a cent. MILES MALCOLM REAL ESTATE and BENCHMARK STRATA believe it essential for owners to know how much their property is worth on the current market. Our staff are ready and waiting to provide you with a confidential market appraisal.

What would a Strata Management Submission cost our strata company?

Not a cent. BENCHMARK STRATA offer complimentary strata management submissions, which clearly outline our services, facilities, management fees and more.

Do BENCHMARK STRATA manage all types of strata companies?

BENCHMARK STRATA manages an diverse strata management portfolio. The portfolio consists of residential, commercial and industrial properties ranging from duplexes and triplexes to multi unit complexes of all sorts including high rise building containing more than seventy-units.

Our strata management team not only offer full strata management services, but value for money, assistance and support.

Your strata company will be appointed it’s very own personal Strata Manager who will solely manage all aspects of your strata company with any assistance required from the BENCHMARK STRATA team