BENCHMARK STRATA encompasses an environment whereby our fully qualified and experienced people use skill, care and diligence to present our Strata Management clients with a superior benchmark of customer service. We provide a complete range of services, which encompasses;
  • Providing an ongoing knowledge of the latest amendments and the intricacies of the Strata Titles Act to the Strata Company Council of Owners.
  • Provide and assist the Strata Company Council of Owners with the day to day, financial management of the strata company.
  • Assist the Strata Company Council of Owners with the day-to-day management of the building and common property.
  • Provide and assist the Strata Company Council of Owners with the day-to-day administrative and secretarial services necessary for the efficient management of the strata company.
  • And at all times ensuring the best interests of all owners are of the utmost importance and are represented equally in the management of the strata company.

We provide

  • Thorough and regular inspections,
  • Digital photographic reports,
  • A fully computerised accounting system and
  • A strict adherence to the Strata Titles Act and Regulations
We offer a professional teamwork approach to all our strata company managements with emphasis on looking after our clients needs.
This along with our wide range of real estate experience ensures that the best results are achieved in all our business transactions.

Miles mobile is available giving our Owners and Tenants, the opportunity of reaching us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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If we don’t make adequate investigations, selecting a strata manager can sometimes be like choosing a second-hand car.

It looks good and sounds okay but really, do we know what’s under the bonnet.

Here are some thoughts for owners and their councils to consider

  • If you haven’t had a referral of one or more strata managers from satisfied owners elsewhere, contact STIWA or the REIWA Chapter and ask for names of management firms and companies likely to be able to serve your needs. The STIWA website has a list of its members online. You may also obtain names from the Yellow Pages.
  • Don’t just rely on a written quote of submission. Delegate two or three council members to meet the prospective manager and discuss the expectations and needs of the strata company. This helps the strata manager too and minimises misunderstandings later on.
  • Ask questions. Is the company a member of a professional institute? Has it accredited or otherwise qualified staff? Does it pursue professional development through education and training either at institute level or privately? If you are uncertain, obtain references.
  • Ensure you enter into an agreement in writing and be satisfied you understand the duties and tasks included within the fee structure. Establish whether there are additional charges for work undertaken by the strata manager which is outside agreed tasks and at what hourly rate.
  • Above all, set up effective lines of communication. Preferably, appoint one council member to be the go-between, it is time-consuming when all council members try to communicate with the strata manager and expect prompt and immediate answers.

Finally, councils must understand their own obligations and become familiar with the by-laws of the strata company.

As explained previously, strata managers and councils are a partnership, each with its own accountability issues.

It must be a team effort if the outcome is to prove beneficial to both.